PAWS - Partners Advancing West Islip Students

In order to best evaluate all community and building requests, the PAWS Board of Directors has prepared a proposal application.  It is imperative that all items be answered completely with specific details listed where applicable.  Those applications that best meet the criteria will have the greatest chance of being accepted.  Only those proposals that have been presented in a professional manner shall be considered.  Any application that is incomplete or unclear shall be returned.  Please read through the application carefully in order to note specific requirements, as well as changes from previous PAWS proposal applications. 

The PAWS Board of Directors will carefully examine all requests and will make the ultimate decision on what programs or request will be funded.  Every year the financial distribution plan will be re-evaluated, as will the criteria and proposal application.  Thus, a request rejected this year may very well be accepted next year.  Please note that due to the overwhelming amount of requests made to PAWS, and limited funds per building, PAWS encourages you to consider partial funding of a request.  This will increase your chances of at least obtaining a portion of the amount you are seeking.  Perhaps this will allow you to eventually obtain, in addition to your own additional classroom/building fundraising efforts, what you are requesting all the sooner. 

Thank you for your interest and enthusiasm in applying for these funds.  It is our intention to guarantee that the students of West Islip receive the best academic and extracurricular enhancements and we will do our very best to meet the needs requested in these applications. 

Approved proposals will be made on a per pupil basis per building. 

Please be creative with your requests.  If your idea meets the criteria outlined, there is a very good possibility that it may be funded.  Unique programs which serve as an academic or cultural enrichment to students are good examples of something which would be looked upon favorably. 

Funding cannot be used to support teaching salaries; however, we may consider partial funding for a special short-term project, which will require some financing in order for the teacher to implement the idea effectively. 

Based upon the cost of individual proposals and the present cycle of payment being made by PAWS, several proposals per building may actually be honored. 

Please feel free to speak to any PAWS board member about this process.


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Partners Advancing West Islip Students